May it be individual costumer service, constructions or entire process chains – our team supports you with any concerns and ensures the optimal outcome by applying the most modern techniques, such as collapsing cores. Highest effectiveness, enhanced output figures as well as noticeable cost lowering are therefore our guaranteed top priority.

In order to reduce cycle times, we do not only provide you with traditional multi-component- as well as insert-techniques, but furthermore with up-to-date methods such as collapsing cores. In doing so, we can work with nearly every engineering plastics, simultaneously ensuring low maintenance intensity as well as increased productivity. Thus effectiveness can be expanded, leading to a sustainable lowering of costs. This is made possible, not only by this techniques' outstanding antifrictional properties, but also through the waiver of rotary motions which are intense in maintenance. The technique of collapsing cores is therefore best suited for low-cost production of high quantities.

Whether it may concern large-scale-enterprises, industrial or private clients, the implementation of your individual needs is our top priority and functions as the maxim in each of our constructions. Starting with the first personal consultation, moving to the basic concept and finally developing the functional construction plan, our constructors work costumer-committed, discreetly and transparent. While developing ready-for-use tools, we can permanently guarantee for a transparent process, reaching from the first design, up to the finished prototype.

Next to the technical developement of casting-parts, injection-moulded-parts or standard components, we also take care of individual collapsing cores and other demoulding problems. Within the shortest amount of time, we provide our affiliates with prototypes, working models as well as pilot runs, hence ensuring intervention at any given time of the construction process. Through ready-for-manufacturing design, we allow for a firm basis in optimizing tools as well as the low-cost production of diverse injection-moulded-parts. We work with up-to-date software such as ProEngineer or Solid Works and can therefore make use of nearly every established format for constructing and adapting 2D-CAD- as well as 3D-CAD-tool constructions. Here, high-quality injection moulds, investement casts, sand casts, or die-cast components, can be realised just as prompt and costumer-oriented as special solutions.