pauser + weinkauf KONSTRUKTION is happy to welcome you on our website. Since the protection of data privacy is very important to us, we want to inform you consecutively about manner, extent and function of data acquisition and its use.

The dot address or the name of the domain of the requested computer, the name of the accessed data, date and time of access, the amount of transferred data, the message about successful demand and the web browser are being saved when entering our website. This data is only used for statistical purposes and utilized for system-related information and is not personal-related-

Personal-related data (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) is only captured and logged if the person is giving this information voluntarily. This can happen through a registration, a contract closure or the browser settings. This personal-related data is only used to answer user requests about the handling of contracts concluded with the client and/or the technical administration. Disclosure of personal-related data to a third person happens only if it is needed to close an agreement after termination, for accounting purposes or if the person has previously consented to the disclosure. An acceptance like this can be revoked at any time.

The deletion of saved personal-related data happens appropriately to legal requirements i.e. if the person revokes the acceptance of saving the data, if the data is no longer needed for the following purpose of its saving or if the saving is acceptable because of other legal reasons. Data for accounting purposes stays generally unaffected from a demand for deletion.

On our website we use so called „cookies“. A cookie is a text file which is sent from the browser to your computer and saved when visiting our website. It contains information about your use of our website. If you wish to switch this setting off, you can do this in the settings of the browser that is used on your computer.

You can ask for information about data that is related to you at any time. Please direct your request in writing to the address you find in the company details of our website.